Types of bras

PUSH-UP BRA, our labeling: GORTEKS: B1 

Push-up bra has been designed to create an impression of a fuller looking bust. Its special uplifting construction shapes the bust in a way that enhances even the smallest bust sizes. Additional inserts placed at a proper angle inside the bottom part of a bra cup push the breasts upwards and inwards so they seem optically larger. It is a woman wearing a bra who is to decide whether she wants to leave the inserts, add in some more, or swap them for other type (e.g. the ones giving the effect of even fuller bust). A push-up bra comes in a variety of styles. In our online shop you can purchase a classic push-up bra as well as push-up balconette, or a push-up half-corset. Push-up bras are usually recommended for women with small and medium bust sizes.

BALCONETTE BRA, our labeling: GORTEKS: BB (padded balconette), BB1 (push-up balconette)

A balconette bra was designed to enhance the appearance of women’s bust by making breasts look fuller and rounder. Characterized by detachable, wide-set shoulder straps, a balconette bra can be worn without the straps thanks to special silicone strips sewn in along the inner edges of the bra which keep it secure on the body. Moreover, the bra is equipped with additional side boning that offers extra support. This type of bra consists of padded cups made of corsetry foam. They are cut to a shape that reveals and accentuates the top part of female breasts. A push-up version comes with removable push-up inserts placed in special pockets inside the cups, which gives the effect of perfectly rounded, uplifted breasts and amazing cleavage. Width of shoulder straps and hook and eye closure is adjusted depending on the bra size. Padded balconette bras (BB) are ideal for women with medium and large bust sizes, whereas push-up balconette bras will most likely suit ladies with smaller breasts.

SOFT BRA, our labeling: GORTEKS: B2

Soft bras are usually made of sheer, floaty materials such as lace, embroidered tulle, and microfibre, which are ideal during the summery weather. Most often, soft bras come with underwired cups and side boning to provide extra support and help the bra keep its shape. Width of shoulder straps and hook and eye closure is adjusted depending on the bra size. Supportive boning of soft bras makes them a perfect choice for ladies with medium and large bust sizes, whereas soft bras without additional support work best for women with smaller busts.

PADDED BRA, our labelling: GORTEKS: B4

Padded bras consist of specially structured cups made of corsetry foam overlaid with material (usually lace, embroidery, jersey, cotton, or tulle). Unlike push-up bras that were designed to create an impression of a fuller looking bust, padded bras were especially made to provide a desirable shape and support. Padded bra does not come with any additional inserts. Width of shoulder straps and hook and eye closure is adjusted depending on the bra size. Padded bra comes in a wide range of sizes. Its construction works excellent on both smaller and larger bust sizes.


This type of bra is distinguished by its specially constructed cups. Lower part of cups is made of corsetry foam, whereas the upper part remains soft (exactly like in a soft bra). Some of half-padded bras that we offer have silicone strips sewn in at the top inner side of a cup in order to provide an ideal fit. Width of shoulder straps and hook and eye closure is adjusted depending on the bra size. Half-padded bras will suit women with medium and large bust sizes.

MOULDED CUP BRA, our labelling: GORTEKS: B5

Moulded cup bra consists of seamless cups, which makes it ideal to be worn under tight-fitting clothes. Moulded cups are formed with the use of heat. A delicate foam filling built-in within the cup gives the effect of fuller, gently lifted breasts. Width of shoulder straps and hook and eye closure is adjusted depending on the size of bra. A moulded cup bra makes up an ideal solution for women who value simplicity, comfort, and elegance.

HALF-CORSET, our labelling: GORTEKS: PG

Half-corsets differ from classic bras due to their much longer circuit. Side boning of a half-corset bra does both, prevents bra band folding up over itself and perfectly shapes the silhouette. Longline circuit improves the amount of support (the weight of breasts is evenly distributed) and provides better comfort. Cups of this kind can be of various shapes (e.g. p push-up or balconette cups). Longline looks particularly good when paired with deep-cut t-shirts and vintage clothing.

IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Nice and easy. I had a doubt about bra itself, but I tried it few times and agreed they are good and beautiful. I just didn't wear anything so well adapted in a long time and I needed to get used to that feeling. Now I am in love. Undies are surprisingly well fitted too. I just regret they are not too cottonish and don't breath well, so I wont use them everyday, but otherwise great.
Very very good quality! Excellent shipping time.(please read bra rewiev)

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